Telefunken V72 (Siemens, Tab)

Preamp tubes

TELEFUNKEN V72 - Studio de la Trappe
TELEFUNKEN V72 - Studio de la Trappe


The Rolls of microphone preamps!

Equipped the Beatles mixing desk

The Rolls of microphone preamps, of which the Neumann U47 is its most faithful companion.
We find it in the REDD series, the EMI consoles at Abbey Road, which the Beatles in particular used excessively.
As an anecdote, the Revolution saturated guitar is a guitar directly plugged into this microphone preamp, which, given the difference in signal impedance, gives this sound that is so typical now.
Perfect for recording vocals on our Neumann Um57 or Cmv563 microphones with the M7 capsule, the same one found in the U47.
Used so many times on so many albums that you know so much…