Power 10 PMS 8010

Tube mixing console 8 channels (Early 60’s).

Power 10 PMS 8010 - Studio de la Trappe
Power 10 PMS 8010 - Studio de la Trappe


“La Boite à Gras” (Fat Box)

The original heart of Studio de la Trappe!

Also nicknamed “La Boite à Gras” (Fat Box), it is the original heart of the Studio de la Trappe!

Formerly a live mixing console, consisting of 8 microphones / lines input channels (Telefunken preamp transformer!) with baxendall bass and treble equalizers and a stereo output.
We repackaged it by taking out the power supply externally and customized it to make a 4 microphones inputs, 4 lines inputs, a selectable 48 volts, and 4 separates outputs.

A texture as we like, very pronounced, ideal for condenser or dynamic mics, particularly vintage ones, eqs are simply extraordinary and very precise (from zero to +10, no minus !).

We use it at all stages, whether for sound recording, mixing, and even mastering, to give this very analog color, with this beauty in the trebles and solid basses, which makes this device an essential part of our equipment. .

Used on overheads, cymbals, hi-hat, ambience, rooms, acoustic instruments, vocals, amps … and whole mixes and masters as parallel board !