Ampex 601 (3ex)

Preamp Tubes 50’s

Ampex 601 - Studio de la Trappe


Typical American and Jamaican 50s sound!

You want a very vintage sound with grain, the 601 are your friends! Typical of the American and Jamaican 50s sound. Previous model Ampex 351, it was used, in their beginnings, in particular for Motown, at Sun Records as well as at Studio One in Ska and Reggae. These are modules that were part of the Ampex tape recorder of the 1950s. (Only multitrack tube magnetos existing at that time). We use them mainly for electric guitar amp takes, for a good garage and sixties sound and also for certain voices or various ambience rooms. A Mallory T600 output attenuator (pad by potentiometer) has been installed by us to level in console, tape recorder or ProTools in order to be able to push the level of entries in the tubes.