Altec 1592 B (2ex)

Preamps 5 channels

Altec 1592B - Studio de la Trappe


Mic transformer 1588B / 87 dB gain!!

The Altec Lansing 1592B are analogue transistor mic/line preamplifier amplifiers from the seventies. Transistor version of the 1567A

5 Channels, 4 microphone channels, and a line channel for a master
with Baxendall Bass/Acute equalizer, and PAD for each input channel.

Each input has a pad selector (-10 / -20 dB attenuators) in order to be able to use any type of microphone (Mic transformer 1588B) / 87 dB of gain!

The last input (5) is dedicated to the line input for the DI and reamping takes. (Line transformer 1095A).

The sound of the 1592B is really very precise, clean and sharp.

We often use them for snare drums and bass drums, and all takes that deserve power, precision while remaining clean.