Altec 1567 A

Tubes multi Préamp


Really warm and thick tube sound!

The Altec Lansing 1567A is a five-channel tube preamplifier.
4 microphone channels (different impedances for condenser, dynamic or ribbon microphones, and an in-line channel for direct pickup, reamping, etc.)
Master output with very effective Baxendall bass/treble equalizer.
The sound of the Altec Lansing 1567A is definitely vintage! It packs a lot of grit and finesse, with a really warm, thick tube sound.

Multi-use preamp on all sources, with 4 4722 microphone preamp transformers and a 15095 line: clarity, dynamics, gain and exceptional image.

We chose to set it up with a static/dynamic microphone input (200 ohms), a ribbon microphone input (50 ohms) and a line input for direct or re-amping!

Used extensively on bass drums, vocals and acoustic string instrumentals for the grain and color of the EQ.
The color this preamp adds to vocals and strings is pretty much unparalleled.

It came out at a time when there really wasn’t a transparent preamp. This is part of the reason why rock and roll records sounded so much better. This is really where the best use of these preamps comes from.