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  • Michel Cloup (duo) – Notre Silence

“Cette colère”, which animates Michel Cloup from Lucie Vacarme to Experience, via the reformed Diabologum, has remained intact and has not faded over the years. We find the same commitment close to poetic confession but far from the narcissistic unpacking often found in “French song”. We will avoid the attempt to dissect the texts but the epic “L’Enfant”, with its 11’29 and its white-hot guitars, does not leave one indifferent. Since we have to talk about musical affiliations, obviously, it’s the American cousins ​​that we have to look for: Slint and Shellac in the lead for efficiency, the banishment of flourishes, the dry side, the raw heart , with the guitars as standards and the masterful and refined drums at the center of the system (with Patrice Cartier in the role of Todd Trainer). Moreover, our compatriots will note, with the perfect production and mastering of “Notre Silence”, that it is sometimes unnecessary to record in Chicago in Electrical Audio and that excellent records are made between Toulouse and Brussels without necessarily resorting to the Albini God.

Christophe Dufeu (popnews)

  • Scarecrow – Devil & Crossroads

The studio de  La Trappe, near Toulouse, France, remains faithful to analog recording methods (tape recorder, outboard and tube microphones). By recording “Devil & Crossroads” there, we suspect that Scarecrow is looking for a particular rendering, like his music at the crossroads between two eras: a grain, a texture à la Cadillac Records. Is the sublime “Boy” a reference to Muddy Waters’ “Mannish Boy”? Difficult to know, but we can’t help but think about it, especially since Antibiotik leaves the Vocal Lead to Slim Paul.

Le sergent Gatien « clairetobscur »


The Bridge

Always working with analog equipment, the atmosphere sounds truly Jamaican. Tracks like Duppy, I’m Still Alive and Keep your rope are superb one drops like the Gladiators, Culture or the Wailers knew how to do. In Up Town, we start with a bouncy ska and end with Led Zeppelin-style guitar riffs, yet everything fits together perfectly. Among the lot of experiments, we will be more divided on the slow Swing Low, on the other hand, Here Come A Truth is, in the space of one minute twenty-eight, an atomic bomb, a concentrate of reggae, soul and funk. More daring in the sounds, the digressions, the experiences, this “Bridge” proves that Livin’ Soul is gradually finding its own identity. A real work of composition, arrangements, inspired musicians and a sense of melody make this Poitou adventure something unique in France.

Maxime Nordez (Reggae France)


I discovered this sound with this album, and I took a monumental slap in the face, forgot my reggae collection, I only listen to that!!!

Swing low and keep your rope are exceptional

Deposited by groundation

  • CHERRY BUT NO CAKE – Unveiling LP

London – England

Cherry but no Cake recorded, mixed and mastered their new album “Unveiling” at Studio de la Trappe near Toulouse, France. Fully equipped with analog, the studio uses vintage recording methods, taken live, both the type of equipment used in sound recording and mixing. Thanks to analog support, tube peripherals from all eras and Triboulet for controllers, Cherry but no Cake were able to experiment and find their sound.

Good grain and big dynamics for a truly rock sound!


Bubblegum Explosion

Pop characterized at first glance by light and naive lyrics, placed on catchy melodies. Their influences, Sonic Youth, Beastie Boys or Pink Floyd.

This disc, or this USB key (first album sold in this form in the world before the Rolling Stones), was recorded by Triboulet and mixed by Nick Sansano and Cyril Taillandier in New York.

Stephane Pajot


The First and maybe the Only

Among the best European groups of the genre, the Gers group The Branlarians play a very rootsy rock-steady ska, a mixture of a deliciously vintage sound.

This old school gem was mixed and mastered in the lair of vintage master Triboulet at Studio de la Trappe in Donneville, France.

We cannot advise you enough to give it a try… or even two ears.

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  • Michel Cloup
  • Half Japanese / Jad Fair 
  • Nick SANSANO


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