Girardin LC-101

Radio France opto compresso 70’s Rare!!!

Girardin-lc101 - Studio de la Trappe
Girardin-lc101 - Studio de la Trappe


THE famous Radio France opto compressor

Girardin is the French equivalent of Studer. For Radio France 60s/70s

FET compressor used in the 70s.

Radio France’s 1176. rare!!!

Professional equipment, built according to draconian specifications in terms of reliability. Inputs and outputs on transformer, etc.

Accept a horse level without flinching.
Simply huge, it can be used for everything.

Gently on vocals, guitars, from the most neutral to the most colorful depending on the input level.

A kill on the double bass (slap!!)

Very close to the sound of a venerable Urei Universal Audio 1176 from the Bill Putnam era.
This compressor sounds !  A jewel.